The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Year

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At Tyndall Furniture & Mattress we are very passionate about sleep health and awareness. We want to educate our customers to understand the true benefits of healthy sleep to help them to see the ways it can truly improve your life. Investing in a good mattress is one small way you can really help yourself to work towards goals in ALL areas of your life. Sleep can improve your mental, emotional and physical health. It can increase your productivity and even help you to lose weight. It’s such a simple thing that can have such an incredible impact on your overall quality of life.

We believe that when you sleep better, you live better. It’s that simple.

10 Important Facts About Sleep Health and the ways it can improve your life are:

  1. Sleep Keeps Your Heart Healthy
  2. Sleep May Prevent Cancer
  3. Sleep Reduces Stress
  4. Sleep Reduces Inflammation
  5. Sleep Makes You More Alert
  6. Sleep Improves Your Memory
  7. Sleep May Help You Lose Weight
  8. Sleep May Reduce Your Risk of Depression
  9. Sleep Helps the Body Repair Itself
  10. Napping Makes You “Smarter”

To learn more about these in detail, see the article ‘10 Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep by Mark Stibich, PhD.

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