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Color My Style: Orange

June 18th, 2013

This color yells energy, excitement, and warmth.

Orange can be very controversial, most people tend to love it or hate it. Especially if you live in South Carolina, your home is not under a rock, and you are aware of the Clemson/Carolina rivalry that dictates most of life for SC dwellers. I know plenty of women who refuse to even own an item that is orange, or others who have it as an accent everywhere in the house.

But completely aside from sports and how you feel about the color solely based on college football, orange can really bring a room to life! It is said to bring a sense of spontaneity and a positive outlook on life! Pretty amazing for a color, don’t you think? Not only can this color brighten up a room, but perhaps a life too!

And if you consider yourself to be adventurous, outdoorsy, or a bit of a risk taker, then orange is the perfect color for you!

DSCN1954Thinking orange but not sure how to start? Well ask yourself, just how bold do you want to go?

If your answer is “as bold as I can go” then here is our suggestion. Look for paint colors, furniture pieces, or accessories in a bronze tone type of orange. When used, the color will make a big statement, brighten up a room, or allow one item in your space to really pop! Remember though, a little goes a long way!

However, if your answer is “I like the idea and the color but maybe I can be a bit understated” then that is great too! Your suggestion would be to look for colors in more of soft pumpkin and melon shades. These softer shades will still provide the new look you’re after and can be used as paint colors or inspired furniture pieces!

So let your life be filled with bright, energized color day after day, year after year. Go Orange!

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