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Sleep Like A Carolina Panther

August 5th, 2014

Carolina Panthers Training Camp

Who doesn’t love Carolina football? We sure do, but did you know Tyndall Pedic has fans too? Last week kicked off the start of the Carolina Panthers training camp. For all of you who don’t know, that means three weeks of practice, heat, more practice, and little to no sleep. That’s why it’s so important that our Carolina boys get quality sleep for the few vital hours they have each night.

“They have long days and short nights,” explains Ryan Vermillion, the Head Athletic Trainer for the team (listen to entire interview here). With the rigorous schedule each day brings, the Panthers knew the players – and coaches – needed a mattress that wouldn’t poke, prod, or cause pain and pressure during the night. Being in the hot sun all day, the last thing the team wanted was a hot, uncomfortable mattress keeping them from sleep.

Tyndall Pedic was the obvious answer this year, since the team got to experience the mattresses during training camp 2013.

“The beautiful thing is Tyndall Pedic produces a mattress that actually moves and can put an athlete into a neutral position,” says Dr. Josh Kollman, the team Chiropractor, in reference to the adjustable base offered on each Tyndall Pedic (listen to entire interview here).

“Their bodies can now create this performance-enhancement effect, so that when they wake up the next day, they’re ready to put a load on their system, and their system is able to handle that load.”

Now that the team wakes up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, they want one for themselves and their families to use in the off-season too! Just a few Panthers who couldn’t wait to buy a Tyndall Pedic were Cam Newton, Derek Anderson, Bruce Campbell, and of course, Vermillion. We also hear Kelvin Benjamin has been asking how he can get one too!

Carolina Panthers Training Camp

During training camp, the players are welcome to use our revolutionary Zero-Gravity chair, designed to place their bodies in a weightless position while stretching their spines and relieving pain throughout their bodies. The players have been waiting in line to use the incredible AutoFlexTM feature as often as possible.

“It’s all about recovery this time of year,” says Vermillion. “That’s why I know something works. When a player comes in and asks for it or a player stands in line and waits for it…that’s how I know we’re getting benefits out of it.”

We are very excited to be working with the team, coaches and doctors to improve their quality of sleep, reduce their pain, and improve their mobility. The Tyndall Pedic team might not have ben officially drafted, but if we got a jersey we wouldn’t complain… Go Panthers!

Carolina Panthers Training Camp

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